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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Glen Robinson


released May 24, 2014



all rights reserved


DARKAEON Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Beautiful Illusion
Shut the door to keep the light that is left inside
Before there's none of it left
When every form of life will die
It will be too late

Everytime they open their mouths it's lie
Bringing us closer and closer to this dark sky

We think too much we don't feel enough
Intelligence is making us inhuman
Even If life can be free and beautiful
We've chosen to die
Greed has poisoned man's soul
And barricaded the world with hate
Human has become one big fucking failure

At left there's nothing right
At my right there is nothing left

Lost in this dying world
No more place to stay that i can call home
Tossed with the ashes left
I am on my own

Everytime they open their mouths it's lie

We've built our own prison cell in this living hell
Forgetting what human really is, we decided to know
Decided to forget about one fading truth
So we buried ourselves further into this tempting doom

No more colour's in that beautiful illusion
No more rainbow in that falling sky
Their fake promises will come back in our hands

Life is regrets and despair
As soon as we're born we are waiting to die
The night is cold as the sun is dead
No more truth into our fading lies

At left there's nothing right
At my right there is nothing left

Bringing us closer and closer to this dark sky

Track Name: Terminal Line
At the terminal line
The final march on this sphere of sorrow
May the wind carry us away
And colour the perfect wonder

Before we see
Before we know
Our need for gold will bring us to the end
The treachery
And our fake needs,
We must fight versus our greed

Failure in the human quest
Rapture of our natural pendulum
Erase to reset
And begin our new preset


Decelerate the evolution
Stop thinking about progression


Terminal... Line!!

The door we fought to keep closed has found a way to open itself,
The human will be erased
Track Name: Collapsing Sky
Shovel pierces the horizon remembering us of who's living and who's deceased
A red stain on man's calendar since the disease reaching infinity in the process of decomposition

a devastating plague,
Our only chance is to pray,
We've made the sky collapse above our heads
Mother's salvation has arrived

Eating our anatomy, infecting our food
Auto Digestion Process completed everyone's dying


Human's race Forsaken,
It's taking down the strongest of man

Track Name: Masquerade Of Lies
What have I done
In the darkness I've left my soul
There's no turning back
I've reached the end

Because of my lies I am stuck inside the dance of the dead and I realise that the only way out is to die
In this place, but I can't face the truth so i'll just let that shadow inside me grow stronger and stronger every day

Lost inside that masquerade of lies
Where everyone wears a mask of shame
Caught in a dream you've left behind
The people change but the pain remains the same

Shadow rising inside
Nightmare after the dream
I will not die in this place,
This place!

Stuck on the same road that every hero has lost their sanity i must find a way out of this path before i collapse 

( Chorus)

Welcome inside my game
Welcome inside my dance
You've followed me , your weakness feeds me
Welcome in the game of Hermes

No more light in sight
No more light in sight
I will not fall in your game

Feeling my emptiness growing stronger inside i've been forsaken, every dream I had has now changed for a dream of liberty

Track Name: Beneath This Fading Sun
Drowning under the pressure of this feeling inside
No where to run, nowhere to hide beneath this fading sun

Under a black cloud i walk,
The feeling of emptiness fills me
As the sun is fading away,
We face the darkest hour towards us

(Bridge) X2
As the birds fall to the ground
Fear takes control
As the ocean turns to sand
Calling of the oblivion is breaking me down


As the earth crashes down i kneel
Head in my hands, despair is all I feel

(Bridge) X2

Under a dark sky I close my eye,
the life i knew is now gone
No hope is left for none of you,
You will all die tonight

(Bridge) X2

Track Name: Ark Of The Universe (part 1)
Wanderer of time, the walls to your universe
Concealed beyond the stars far away from you
Creator of dimensions your blindness is a part of my quest
A constellation in space nothing more

Standing at the edge of the world
Holding the truth in the windows of shattered dreams
Closing the gates of a darkened void unrevealed
Stars must stay hid.

Guarding one gate of the endless dimension
Loneliness and pain created my strength
Curtains of mist hiding myself will soon fade away
And will light up my sky


From the depth of my dreams 
An image I cannot reach
Hidden beyond the stars
Far away in the void

Drifting away on the shore of the mind
Thinking of sailing away on a different sea
My mind cannot think of something else,
A big risk I know but this time nothing matters